The anxiety blanket

I don’t know about you, but my anxiety has been through the roof. So much so that I can’t focus on my knitting. I can hardly think about anything except the countless laws flagrantly broken in front of our eyes by our disgrace of a President. I am outnumbered where I live and I can’t understand how anyone would choose to vote for him, or a FOOTBALL COACH in the office of Senator. Tubs doesn’t even live here.

I crocheted all that rage I didn’t pour out in phone banking, social media and encouraging others to write their representatives into 5 original skeins of “maritimes” and 2 large skeins of “cream” Caron Cotton Cakes using my size “I” Susan Bates Silvalume Soft Ergonomic Crochet Hook. (I know I’ve talked about these hooks before, but they’re really comfortable and I think you should check them out).

If you need me tomorrow, I’ll be wrapped up in it like a burrito and trying to keep myself together.

Please vote for Doug Jones and Biden/Harris tomorrow.

Just in time for cooler weather!

I binge watched horror and Halloween movies and cranked out a pair of size 10 ladies socks! I’m keeping them for myself, because knitting an eye of partridge heel in black yarn was a BEAR.

(Keep your scrap yarn! The heels were “trash” Patons Kroy in “coal”.)

Using Wisdom Yarns Prose in the “”menswear” colorway, these socks were blissfully boring. They are also the very first time I’ve successfully kitchner toed without any error OR referencing the steps!

As we tiptoe to Halloween, what tricks or treats are up your sleeve? Are you making anything fun? I’d love to hear about your projects!

Sugar ‘n Cream Scrub Off

I found this delightful ball of novelty cotton, valued at $4.99 and decided to quickly knit a few kitchen scrubbies for myself using my trusty size 8s, I divided the ball into quarters. I cast on 25 stitches and maintained a border of 3, doing a stockinette for the soft cotton and garter for the scrubbing texture.

This was the “Deep Turquoise” colorway

(Link to JoAnn fabrics’ site for info and your shopping pleasure.) I really did enjoy them – the textured cotton wasn’t too harsh on my hands, even if it was a little difficult to weave in the ends on. What’s on your needles this week?

Charlie Minor turned 1 on October 1st!

Things have been a bit hectic. I was sad we didn’t get to give him a party, but he’s a dog and doesn’t care about that. He got new toys and to spend time with his doggy friends, and that’s all he could wish for.

Mom and I canned some ground turkey. The oven at my apartment died, so I’m waiting on housing to find a replacement that will work. It’s a very tiny kitchenette, and it runs off gas. I fully expect they’re going to have to cut into the counter top, because the range I currently have is the size you would put in an rv.
This is the Lacy Facecloth by the Experimental Knitter. The pattern is found here, on Ravelry. I made these with size 8s, peaches and cream and some solid green scrap.

Until we meet again, have a fantastic week! 🥰

Lion brand bamboo knitting needles review

At a price point of $3.99 (I only paid $3.59 at my local Walmart), these needles are great for beginners, or any knitter in a pinch.

The package is attractive, and 100% recyclable, which you know makes me happy!
They carve the sizing into the wood indiscriminately, so I presume the wood is labeled before they cut the lengths, which is a little odd but doesn’t effect the knitting at all.
Comparing them to the Clover brand Takumi needles, they’re a little longer and your hands might lie to you and say the Lion brand needles are more blunt.

All in all, they’re pleasant to look at and they’re at a great price point! If you’re just needing a quick “Oh crap, I forgot to bring a project with me.” set up, it’s not going to be a pair of needles you loathe after you’re past your knitting emergency.

Garterlac Washcloths

I’m almost ready for Halloween! I made this trio of garterlac washcloths in just one weekend using sugar and cream cotton and my trusty size 8s.

If you’d like to try your hand at it, the pattern can be found on Ravelry or off-site here.

Halloween is my favorite holiday – last year I volunteered at a local haunted house and I was eagerly anticipating this year. I was going to be “working” in the costume department making emergency repairs and hanging out behind the scenes watching the security cameras. I’m sad that covid 19 has taken all the holidays away from us, but determined to make something special happen anyway, even if it’s just small homemaking touches.

The kitchen: where the magic happens!
Mad Eye Washcloth

If you’re not boycotting Ravelry, the pattern for this crochet washcloth can be found there. I hope you enjoy making spooky surprises and gearing up for the holiday season! We are living in unpredictable and interesting times. It’s up to us to make the best of things!

My Cane Didn’t Want To Be Naked Anymore

I made a cane cozy from handspun yarn 5 years ago and it finally wore thin, with several holes so I made another one using my size 6 needles and 60 grams of Knit Picks Swish Worsted in the Wonderland Heather colorway!

It’s a very simple pattern by the same name as the title of this post – it can be found here. Just a few short hours of your time can cover all the bumps and nicks in your sturdy medical companion and make it seem as fresh and cool as you are yourself!

So fresh and so clean

Concentricus Washcloth

Today, we dive into my deep stash of patterns and turn our gaze upon “Concentricus” by The Crochet Dude, Drew Emborsky. I love this unusual wash cloth – the mesh adds a layer of fun for me.

I’ve been a fan of Drew since 2007, long before I ever learned to knit. He knows how to manipulate crochet from structured home goods to drapey fashion. He’s a legend, and a gift to the world of yarn!!!

Using Sugar n Cream in “hot orange” and some black and orange scrap I inherited, this new cloth is ready just in time for some Halloween happiness!


If you decide to make some, I’d love to see what colors work up! Happy stitching!

August 2020 recap

I swear this dog is gonna be the death of me.

He ate my reusable Starbucks cup lid.  Then, a week or so later he decided to eat a wasp.


I got to a very dark headspace when it happened. His brush with death was very terrifying. If it wasn’t for my friends’ credit cards he would be dead right now because he went into anaphylactic shock. They kept him at the emergency vet hooked up to IV meds and a catheter, pumped him full of meds for a day and now he acts like nothing ever happened.



There’s not a lot of crafting going on. I’m still setting up house and Minor takes a lot of my energy. I got some washcloths done for a gift.

I’ve literally been enjoying the fruits of my labor via homemade bread and squash pickles. Try this recipe – but you’re gonna wanna at least double the wet stuff. It’s been a family favorite for yeeeeears.

The garden has been a big comfort, even though it’s only a few plants and I can only enjoy them in the few moments it takes to tend to them. The heat is horrible for Neurocardiogenic Syncope – I had my first incident of the year with it, and it brought back all the symptoms I loathe: for two days after I couldn’t drive and my head was fuzzy. The cold chills are horrible – it’s like before you throw up, but feels like you’re falling at the same time. Ick. So, my loves, remember that summer heat means you have to drink more than you think because the heat can overcome your meds.

I finally have my little living room unpacked! I need to sand and stain the feet of the loveseat so they don’t stand out so starkly, but it feels so comforting to walk in and snuggle down to enjoy time with Minor or my yarn.

I’m embracing second-hand and the 50s in my space as much as I can on my non-existent budget 😅.

Any tips on how you made your home inviting would be welcome! ❤️

July 2020 recap

July came in with a lot of bangs – mostly from rednecks that wouldn’t stop the dang racket for 10 days. The older animals and I were very stressed by that. Minor doesn’t care at all. Our friends did a very distanced (masks required) gathering for the 4th and the children set off tiny fireworks with their father. Minor cared more about the watermelon than their escapades!


His entire life I’d worriedly compared him to Charlie, scared that he wouldn’t progress into service work. July 2020 marked his 9th month, which was the same age Charlie was when I adopted him. At that age literally the only skill Charlie had was potty training. Minor is doing well.

Unfortunately we discovered he is allergic to pork, duck, and potatoes. He is experiencing a severe skin reaction, and is still detoxing. It’s very gross and almost like cradle cap. He was supposed to start Impulse Control classes this August but was unable to join in until he is fully well again.


Numbers in Alabama have hit an all time high and I’ve been struggling with anger and fear. I don’t understand why it’s so hard to follow mandates. I don’t understand why a stranger drove up to the gas pump and screamed at me that I am what’s wrong with America – there were other pumps, she had no mask and was angry at me for wearing this one and having a grocery sack over the pump so I didn’t have to touch it. I had to threaten to call the police, and was about to take the gas and use it as a deterrent. She was looking for a fight. Interactions like this are becoming common. Lots of Alabamians don’t believe in science – most of them seem to espouse the idea that it’s a “plandemic” or democrat’s plot. My thoughts turn very dark and I have to avoid the news. I had a few very dark days where I wasn’t balancing rest/food/meds well.

My tomato plant hasn’t done very well. The farm to families boxes through the YMCA have been a HUGE blessing.


The gentleman I’ve been dating (and only getting to see once a month since February) asked me to go steady. I have a boyfriend! The biggest news of all:


Charlie Minor and I moved into an apartment!!!

Here’s something wild: on July 27, 2016 I signed my divorce papers to the man that abused me and said I would never survive without him. I was so afraid he would be proven right. But exactly 4 years *to the day* later, movers brought my furniture into an apartment. A safe place that man doesn’t know of. A place I feel free of him.

God has a sense of humor mixed in with justice sometimes.


It has taken 34 years for me to get to this place. It feels incredible. I am surrounded by family and friends. I have the warm and gentle regard of a good man. I have proved my ex-husband wrong, even if he himself never knows that – the ghost of him in my head howls in frustration.